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With a range of different apparatus – during a site meeting I can advise the client on the best method of clearing the site in question, be it with:


Forestry mulcher is ideal for cutting and mulching flush to ground level up to a diameter of 6” be it Gorse, Bracken, Brambles or Sapplings. The Mulcher can be mounted either on a Tracked Skid Steer, Tractor or a Crawler Tractor. If the ground is quite Stony I can use a rotary chain cutter or Bulldozer.


On land that machines can't access, it is possible for us to clear the land using Chainsaws and Strimers and dispose of via a contolled fire or wood chipper – this method is welcomed on SSSI land.

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We provide a part or a full package of ploughing, cultivating,lime and fertiliser spreading, as well as seeding, on areas where it is too steep for normal equipment to operate safely.





We operate a crawler and three point linkage mounted lime spreader for lime or any other nutrient needed on very steep land.


lime and fertilizer spreading



We use a 7 ton tracked excavator and compact tracked loader, with a gravel trailer also available.


We operate on wet or sensitive areas using low ground pressure machines.


Rush and Heather Cutting
Rush and Heather Cutting
Rush and Heather Cutting


There are two methods of controlling bracken: either by using a cutting or bruising roller, preferably twice a season.
By bruising the stem, it creates a bleed, which over time weakens the growth of the bracken.

Cutting with a mower will increase the growth of grass and other species, therefore encouraging livestock to graze and trample new bracken growth.

Both methods will take a number of years for improvement.


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